In the middle of the ancient bay of Aenaria


Surround yourself in the magical atmosphere of our beach club, a fusion of the renowned features of the Island of Ischia: nature, history and the sea. Observe the mysterious Guevara’s Tower surrounded by its large garden near the waters of Cartaromana where once thrived an ancient Roman settlement, the colony of Aenaria, between the Ith century BC and the IV century AC.

Swimming Pools

The Beach Club is located in a naturalistic context of remarkable beauty. The luxuriant vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean landscapes, surrounds us. There are four seawater swimming pools (from 26 ° to 35 °), three of which with hydromassage, and all the comforts our guests may need: changing rooms and toilets, sun loungers, deck chairs, parasol umbrellas and an exquisite pool bar to satisfy our guests. A natural oasis for your wellness, with delicate and bewitching scents, a real corner of paradise where you can appreciate a serene atmosphere.

Sea Decks

Giardino Eden offers a sweeping sea view across the bay of Cartaromana with the most evocative panoramic sight of Ischia: the volcanic rocky islet on which Aragonese Castle stands out and its connecting bridge with the ancient village of Ischia Ponte, the rocks in the archaeological site Sant’Anna, and the island of Capri. A unique and matchless feature is the large solarium, our platform on the sea, a particularly popular destination for sunbathers and snorkelers who want to descend into the sea comfortably.


The rock of the Giardino Eden is the most desired spot by guests, it offers an evocative and total relaxation experience: a solarium designed by nature, surrounded by the sea and where the tenacious Mediterranean nature finds space with its colours. A corner of privacy and pleasure suspended over the sea in the middle of the Bay of Cartaromana.


For guests who love the sea, without compromise, our pier offers all the comforts of the Beach Club locations with the possibility of having the sea at a stone’s throw with a convenient access ladder resting directly on the seabed and the renowned view of the Aragonese Castle typical of the Giardino Eden.

Snack & Cocktail Bar

Dedicated to the founder of the Giardino Eden, Ugo’s bar is the paradigm of the dolce far niente, the place where idleness meets the aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean tradition. Our Beachtime menu’ is the daytime menu dedicated to Beach Club guests: a sophisticated cocktail list served at your spot and a rich menu of typical dishes to be enjoyed in the Snack Bar area.


Book the Beach Club

We would like to remind our guests that a credit card will be required as a guarantee at the time of booking, from which no withdrawals will be made except for cancellation.

Opening times

Open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
reservation required

Prices from June to September

Basic Formula
45.00 €uro
our staff will assign you a sunbed in the garden/pool area

Welcome Formula
60.00 €uro
choose your sunbed spot between deck on the sea, pier or garden/pools + beach towel for the whole day

Welcome on the rock Formula
70.00 €uro
Sunbed on our private rock + beach towel for the whole day
(minimum two people)

Prices in April and May

Basic Formula
25.00 €uro (18.00 €uro half-day)*
our staff will assign you a sunbed in the garden/pool area

Welcome Formula
35.00 €uro (25.00 €uro half-day)*
choose your sunbed spot between deck on the sea, pier or garden/pools + beach towel for the whole day

Welcome on the rock Formula
45.00 €uro (35.00 €uro half-day)*
Sunbed on our private rock + beach towel for the whole day
(minimum two people)

* The half-day is intended for entry from 14.00 onwards, bookable only for the same day, subject to availability


From June to September
10 admissions Basic 400.00 €uro

10 admissions Welcome 550.00 €uro
10 admissions Welcome On The Rock 650.00 €uro

April and May
10 admissions Basic 200.00 €uro

10 admissions Welcome 300.00 €uro
10 admissions Welcome on the rock 400.00 €uro


For groups of more than 8 guests, please contact our reception at to arrange a reservation.


Children under the age of 12 can 2 of our 4 pools and only under the supervision of an accompanying adult. In addition, according to recent legislation, children under the age of 3 are required to wear nappies and remain in the arms of a parent.

For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are do not have access to the sea decks and rock areas.

Pet policy

Small and medium-sized dogs in carriers and on leashes are permitted. Use of the swimming pools is not permitted.


Our Ugo’s Bar has a wide selection of food, cocktails and drinks, along with the expertise of our staff to assist guests with special needs. Food from outside is not allowed.


Access to the Beach Club does not guarantee the availability of lunch/dinner at the restaurant, for which a reservation is still required via the dedicated form, by clicking here.

Cancellation policy

Free within 24 hours prior to booking. Thereafter, the cost per person of the chosen spot will be charged.

Reach the Giardino Eden Resort

It is possible to reach us from the entrance located in Via Nuova Cartaromana 62, as well as by sea via taxi boat; the crossing is brief and very charming and the service is carried out by “Cooperativa Ischia Barche”. The main boarding point is located at the entrance of the hamlet of Ischia Ponte, in Via Pontano 3 (near the Miramare e Castello Hotel). Alternatively, a short walk in Ischia Ponte (Restricted traffic area) towards Piazzale Aragonese, will take you to the boarding point located in the Corteglia area (via S. Giovan Giuseppe della Croce, 73). The service is free for customers with dinner reservation at the Giardino Eden.


There is no parking for cars and scooters. It is also possible to park along the street in the designated spaces (provided with a municipal parking meter).

We also recommend that you adhere to the booking time, agreed upon in the confirmation process, so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability.