DAYTIMEUgo’S Bar easy lunch

Snacks, appetizers, dishes and drinks

Cocktail List

The following items will be served from 12:00 to 10:00pm

Figaro € 20.00

Gin Cittadelle, Lemon juice, Agave syrup, 2 Barspoon Figaro liquor, Top Soda, Scents:(Resfreshing, Citrusy)

Old Cuban € 20.00

Dark Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar, Angostura Mint and Campagne Scents:(Sparkling, Refreshing)

Spicy Colada € 20.00

Dark Rum, Ginger Syrup, Cordiale Pinapple and Tumeric, Lime Juice Scents:(Sweet, Distinct, Spicy)

Spicy Paloma € 20.00

Italian's do it better € 20.00

Campari vermuth, grape fruit soda

€ 20.00

Mez_Mery € 23.00

Mezcal, Lemon Juice, Balsamic Vinegar, Salt, Black Pepper, Angostura bitter, Worcestershire souce, Tomato Juice Scents:( Smoky, Sharp, Rich)

Pear Sidecar € 18.00

Peyrot (Pears cognac), Cointreau, Lemon Juice Scents:(Smooth, Refreshing)

Gimletimo € 18.00

Gin, Bagallet Thim Liquor, Lime juice, White sugar Scents:(Herbal, Aromatic)

Enzoni € 20.00

Gin, Campari, Lemon Juice, White Sugar, 3/4 grapes. Scents:( Fragrant, Refreshing)

Crazy Paloma € 20.00

White Tequila, Red Bell Peppers Premix and passion fruit, Lime Juice, Top Pink Grapefruit Soda Scents:(Refreshing, Fragrant, Sour)

Agave Club € 20.00

Tequila Reposado, Mezcal, Lime juice, Campari, 4/5 fresh raspberries, egg white. Scents:(Velvety, Cooling)

Cucumber Martini € 18.00

Gin, Elderflowers, Lemon Juice, Fresh Cucumber. Scents:( Refreshing,Flavoured)

Lemon Drop Martini € 18.00

Vodka Citron, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice. Scents:( Zesty, Refreshing,Cooling)

AlcolFree cocktail Basil Gino € 14.00

Gino Sabatino, fresh basil, lime juice, Ischia's honey syrup Scents: (Herbal, Fresh)

AlcolFree cocktail South Side € 12.00

Tanqueray 0.0, lemon juice, fresh mint, white sugar Scents: (Mint flavoured)

I nostri Bartender possono miscelare tutti i cocktail internazionali € 18.00

-Classic Cocktails €. 20,00 -Premium €. 23,00 For any particular request about international cocktails,ask our staff.

Raw Fish

The following items will be served exclusively at Ugo's Bar's tables.

Gamberone di Mazara (al Kg) *€ 190.00

King prawn from Mazara (Kg)

Scampone (al Kg) *€ 190.00

Prawn scampi (Kg)

Ostriche € 8.00


Taratufi € 3.00

Warty venus


Focaccia con stracciata di melanzana, prezzemolo, olive, capperi e pomodoro confit € 20.00

Focaccia with pulled eggplant, parsley, olives, capers and confit tomato

Focaccia, songino, stracciata di bufala, gambero rosso e pesto di pistacchi *€ 30.00

Focaccia, lamb’s lettuce, “stracciata di bufala”, red prawn and pistachio pesto

Sandwiches & C.

Zingara ischitana € 20.00

Zingara ischitana

Panino soffice, scarola alla foriana torciuta e tartare di tonno e arancia *€ 24.00

Soft bun with Forio-style wilted escarole and tuna tartare with orange

Panino soffice, mozzarella, pomodoro cuore di bue, salsa al basilico, origano e lonzardo € 24.00

Soft bun with mozzarella, beef tomato, basil sauce, oregano and lonzardo

Gambero Eden *€ 10.00

Eden’s prawn

American toast e Patate fritte € 14.00



Patate fritte *€ 12.00

Insalata Nadia € 18.00

Salad with bread croutons, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, grilled eggplants and basil

Insalata Ugo € 18.00

Salad with hulled wheat, zucchini cream, tomatoes, baked black olives, curly endive, semi-hard pecorino cheese, oregano

Fiori di zucca croccanti con ricotta montata e profumo di limone *€ 10.00

Crunchy pumpkin blossom filled with whipped ricotta and lemon zest

Insalata caprese € 18.00

DOP Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and EVO oil.

Bruschetta con pomodorini € 12.00

Local toasted bread, cherry tomatoes, oregano, garlic, EVO oil and basil

Desserts and Fruits

Le torte e i dolci della tradizione € 14.00

Traditional desserts

Piccola pasticceria partenopea (al pz.) € 3.50

with riccia, frolla, baba, cannoli and ricotta cheese, tartelletta-style pie and fruit (teach)

Tagliata di frutta mista di stagione € 12.00

Fresh-cut fruit

Sorbetto al limone *€ 10.00

Lemon sorbet homemade

Easy Lunch Menù

(^) Treated, carbonated drinking water with added carbon dioxide.
In respect of the ecosystem and the very delicate local marine biodiversity, the menu may be subject to variations.
The legend regarding allergens and intolerances is available below.

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