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To offer a more efficient service, we recommend providing reference points for delivery: approximate distance from the ground, proximity of larger boats, visual details on the coast. It is also useful for sighting some details on the type of boat, length, name of the vessel and the color.


La Parmigiana di Melanzane € 18.00

Fried eggplant, fiordilatte, basil,tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano

Cozze alla griglia € 25.00

Grilled mussels flavored with aromatic herbs

Main courses

Pacchetelle di pomodori dal nostro orto sul mare € 22.00

Spaghetti with tomatoes from Soronzano and basil

Seasonal fruits

Tagliata di Frutta € 12.00

Sliced fruits

Desserts - Sweet Carmen

Dolci del giorno al taglio € 15.00

Cake of the day with ice cream or sorbet and fresh fruits

Degustazione dolce € 20.00

Selection of cakes ( Recommended for two people)

Selezione mignon dalla pasticceria € 3.50

Selection bite-size cakes (per piece)


Acqua panna 750cl€ 5.00

Acqua San Pellegrino 75cl€ 5.00

Acqua^ gassata lt.€ 5.00

Acqua^ naturale lt.€ 5.00


Bitter bianco€ 5.00

Bitter rosso€ 5.00

Cedrata Tassoni€ 5.00

Coca Cola€ 5.00

Coca Cola zero€ 5.00

Fanta€ 5.00

Ginger Ale€ 5.00

Red Bull€ 5.00

Schweppes lemon€ 5.00

Schweppes Tonica€ 3.00

Succo ace€ 5.00

Succo ananas€ 4.00

Succo Mela Verde€ 5.00

Succo Pompelmo€ 5.00

The limone€ 5.00

The pesca€ 5.00


Corona€ 7.00

Nastro Azzurro€ 6.00

Delivery Menù

(^) Treated, carbonated drinking water with added carbon dioxide.
In respect of the ecosystem and the very delicate local marine biodiversity, the menu may be subject to variations.
The legend regarding allergens and intolerances is available below.

Details & Delivery

Half portions 30% less than the à la carte price.
(*) The dishes marked with an asterisk provide for the use of products that are killed in the negative.
You will receive a confirmation message when the order is received and upon delivery departure.

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